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Be the data superhero your business deserves

Understanding your real estate performance no longer needs to be a challenge . With the power of AI at your side , you can unlock true data-driven insights - creating time , saving money and taking full control of your leases .

That ' s why Equites Property Fund Limited , a real estate investment trust ( REIT ), specialising in developing and acquiring world-class logistics assets turned to MRI to discuss product solutions that could help to drive efficiencies and improve their operations .
Adding Value to Shareholders With a portfolio of over 60 properties , managing leases among a relatively small team became time consuming and inefficient for Equites . Their previous system involved numerous spreadsheets and physical folders full of paperwork , meaning administration and data extraction was taking up inordinate amounts of time .
The system also risked the business ’ s data integrity , since inaccuracies can lead to lost revenue via unrecovered income .
It was important to the team that the chosen solution could integrate fully with their existing systems , and as users of MRI ’ s property management solutions already , MRI Contract Intelligence was the perfect fit .
“ As an organisation we like new technology and utilising alternative technologies …. if it ultimately saves us time , we go for it . I was blown away – I knew that we needed this ,” – Nasreen Mukuddem , Financial Manager , Equites Property Fund .
Fast , Informed Board Decision Making With MRI Contract Intelligence , the team at Equites are able to access comprehensive , fully customisable reporting , which allows for data to be presented quickly and clearly , enabling more informed decision making at board level .
The speed at which information can be compiled was a significant attraction for the team , as previous reporting , audits , and publishing of annual results meant delving into folders and navigating filing systems to extract the appropriate data . With MRI Contract Intelligence , this data is available quickly , easily , and accurately . Start your AI-powered data revolution today .
Contact the MRI Software Team to arrange a demonstration : + 27 21 686 3145 info @ mrisoftware . com
16 MAY 2021 SA Real Estate Investor Magazine
INVESTOR STRATEGIES The best way to build your property investment Automating your property portfolio Real Estate Websites or Online Portals Finding properties to acquire is easier today than it has ever been! Real estate websites or online portals enable you to view properties for sale and rent all over the country. They also help you determine the prices properties are selling for, which brings you in tune with the market. “Software is the magic thing whose importance only goes up over time.” – Bill Gates JACO GROBBELAAR Software plays an integral part of business and property investment these days. And if you don’t keep up, you’ll be left behind. Therefore, it is imperative to use software platforms to automate how you build and manage your property portfolio. For instance, if you know what properties are selling for in a particular suburb and know the numbers well, you can make better deals and easily spot a bargain. This does not mean you pay the asking price shown on the online portal! It is just a reference point from which to start your negotiation. Remember, you are always looking for a motivated seller! You can automate this process further by setting alerts for specific properties in specific suburbs and within a particular price range. You can choose to receive instant emails or receive a summary email once a day on all the properties that meet your criteria. Looking at the rental market is as important as looking at the sales market because this indicates how much rent people are paying. This is extremely important because once you have purchased a property, you will probably rent it out. You need to know what rental you can realistically earn as that affects your numbers and returns. Online real estate portals are great places to find excellent deals. They are also good places to do research and get 32 MAY 2021 SA Real Estate Investor Magazine to know what properties are selling for in certain areas, what the average levies and rates are for a property in the area, and what you will be able to get for rent from the property. Examples of real estate websites and online portals are Private Property and Property24. Tittle Deeds & Historical Information Portals In the past, very few investors had easy access to information from the deeds office to determine historical data such as the owner of a property, what price a property sold for previously, the registered bond for the property, what price similar properties in the area or complex sold for and the average prices for different types of properties in a specific suburb. I cannot believe there was a time I was acquiring property before using such software. Nowadays, I will never make an offer on a property before pulling a report from the deeds office and using the data to determine what I will offer. Sometimes I even use it to justify to the agent or seller why I am offering less for a property. Using these reports is an absolute must when considering acquiring property. You can access reports from various portals at very reasonable and affordable fees. Do your research to ensure you are acquiring the property at a reasonable price! Examples of title deeds and historical information portals are Lightstone and WinDeed. Rental Management Portals Rental management companies provide SA Real Estate Investor Magazine MAY 2021 33