Real Estate Investor Magazine South Africa May/ June 2020 - Page 6

MASTER INVESTOR Opportunity in the Time of Uncertainty Wynand Haywood & Nick Morgan NICHOLA LOOCK NICK MORGAN & WYNAND HAYWOOD N ick Morgan and Wynand Haywood co-founded Opportunity Private Capital 14 years ago sharing a similar vision and combining their experience in investment banking, property sales, marketing, project structuring and development. This experience combined with their perceptiveness and ability to adapt has led to their success. Over the last 14 years this specialist investment company has established a secure investment structure for private individuals to earn high fixed returns on capital investments to finance property developments. With their secure investment structure their clients are thriving and the Company is perfectly positioned to identify and take advantage of the Opportunity the current and future property market will offer, a distant concept for many during lockdown. NICK MORGAN Position: Co-founder & Managing Director Company: Opportunity Private Capital Years company has operated: 14 years Age: 50 Marital Status/Family: Married with 2 daughters Books you are currently reading: The 10X Rule, Grant Cardone Role model: Gary player – high achiever, great businessman, family man, fastidious about his health & exemplary in most aspects of his life! only to institutional finance houses and very high net worth individuals.” “We both agreed that the average middle-income Capital investor had no access or vehicle to leveraging or extracting the enormous value to be found from developing. There was a gap to be explored in this sector.” “Change is constant and constantly increasing its pace. You have to keep your attention on it to stay relevant.” This is when they founded Opportunity Private Capital, uniquely offering high yielding fixed asset-backed investments to private individuals at a time when very few such alternatives existed. “Our experience led us to identify that the best way to offer our clients ultimate security in financing property developments was to continue without the use of institutional financing. Our developments are financed solely by our private clients. There is no institutional finance involved therefore enabling our investors to hold all the security until NICK MORGAN Life motto: Never, ever give up. Wynand Haywood has always gravitated towards property development. From 1994 he was an agent with Seeff Properties, exposed to development sales. When he left them in 1998 he ventured into various disciplines of property development including virtual reality, marketing, investment and development structuring, which all contributed to an in-depth understanding of the many aspects which influence property development. “From 2004 I started to focus on developing projects myself -it was at this time that Nick and myself met up and Opportunity was born”. Morgan spent almost a decade in the investment banking sector, of which seven years he spent with HSBC Investment Bank in London. He made the decision to leave investment banking 15 years ago and go into the property sector, which he had always felt an affinity towards. Panic, uncertainty and economic hardships serve as unwanted unifiers for the world currently. Despite this, history has shown that opportunity is there for those that seek it. The dynamic duo of Nick Morgan and Wynand Haywood continue to offer investment stability, security and opportunity. 4 MAY/JUNE 2020 SA Real Estate Investor Magazine “It’s being in this corporate environment that led me to get increasingly frustrated with being part of a global juggernaut. I wanted to be an architect for change. My drive was to be an integral part of something that had a direct positive effect on the market - to add value in an arena that I could exercise an element of creativity and control.” It’s at this time that he met Haywood. Both were frustrated with the lack of access for individuals to participate in the “big cash” arena of property development finance. “Being able to participate in such opportunities was traditionally accessible 10 Investment Tips PROPERTY INVESTMENT Stay focused, become very knowledgeable in a particular sector of the real estate industry & invest therein. 2. Diversify within your chosen arena of knowledge with combination of capital generating and asset building investments 3. Don’t panic & allow herd mentality to influence your actions in market downturns. Fluctuations are part of the long-term cycle. 4. Property is a long-term investment. Never forget that. 5. The right time to buy property is when you can afford to. CAPITAL INVESTMENT 6. Stick to investments in regions that can sustain economic growth for the long term. 7. Always establish what security you have for your investment. 8. Do the investments have a historically consistent track record. 9. Are the investments located in high demand areas of their sector. 10. Does the investment product have solid fundamentals in place. 1. SA Real Estate Investor Magazine MAY/JUNE 2020 5