Real Estate Investor Magazine South Africa July 2016 | Page 13

MASTER INVESTOR VIVIAN REDDY’S INVESTMENT TIPS 1 THOU IST THINE OWN WORST ENEMY Most people from the now fanciful population of previously disadvantaged individuals, have emerged from backgrounds of deprivation, isolation and subjugation. This has inculcated in us qualities of subservience, low selfesteem and a general sense of inadequacy. This is the first impediment to success. 2 PERCEPTION OF INADEQUACY A simple rule - BREAK OUT OF YOUR SHELL - the shell you create around you is an imaginary one, one that was placed by you yourself and one which has the ability to be displaced by you as well. The old adage goes - if you have it, flaunt it. You are your own and only advert for your ability - as much as you are your own enemy in placing obstacles before your ability to actualise towards success. 3 INTIMIDATION Very often a brilliant idea is squashed by yourself because you cannot believe that somebody as simple as you can make a success of something that will be perceived as trail blazing or innovative. We turn out to be our own worst critics and throw out something before we have even given it a chance. Ask yourself the simple question “Who started Anglo American? Who started De Beers? Who started Liberty Life?” They were brave individuals who saw stars in their eyes and sweat on their brows - but were never afraid to make their thoughts known to those around them. 4 South African national brands. The presence of these brands – which are not available in any other Mall in the KwaZulu-Natal region - places Oceans Umhlanga Mall among the top three exclusive malls in the country, alongside Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront and Johannesburg’s Sandton City. The project will create over 15,000 direct and indirect jobs and 2500 direct jobs. The face and landscape of Umhlanga will change to such an extent that it will further catapult this area into one of the most sought-after residential and international tourist destination in the world. RESOURCES Edison Power Group BELIEVE IN YOURSELF The greatest undoing of most people from especially the previously disadvantaged sector is the lack of belief in oneself. It is often discussed about in large conglomerates or multi nationals, that the talent that is lacking in most people from this sector is the confidence in the manner in which they articulate and present themselves. I do realize that we speak a borrowed language and unfortunately our ability to express our talents has to be often communicated in this borrowed language. Do not let this intimidate you. The only effective combat kit against this is to arm yourself with knowledge and confidence in what you believe in. When this is achieved, it is half your battle won. 5 UNCONVENTIONAL IN A CONVENTIONAL SOCIETY South Africa has just emerged from isolation and decades of dwelling in the wilderness. Our progress has been, and will have to continue to be, rapid to the point of “innovation on your feet”. There is no time to play catch-up as first world norms have overtaken our third world upbringing and it is not survival of the fittest anymore, but survival of the innovative. But remember, often innovative means being unconventional. Thus to succeed and excel in an often conventional environment, we must often indulge in unconventional methods. JULY 2016 SA Real Estate Investor 11