Real Estate Investor Magazine South Africa February/ March 2020 | Page 62

INSPIRATION Wealth formula for 2020 A powerful & surprising method for the best financial year MEIR EZRA What does it take to make it financially? That is the question that bugs most people, especially at the beginning of the year. They rely on the beautiful hope of a new beginning, but the results prove that they are deep in the maze of their old (and totally wrong) ways. Why, despite all the good intention and hard work, do most people fail most of the time? The correct answer to this question will be something that will allow you to fix any problem and have, for maybe the first time in a long time, a true new beginning and a real hope. Good relationships always result in good income. Income is not just money; income is anything you want. What do I mean when I say good relationships? A good relationship is defined as: A relationship that results in an income, those things the parties expect to get out of the relationship, which exceeds expectations for all parties involved. You will know it is the correct answer and not just another excuse since: 1. It will be something you can do something about, and 2. It will produce an immediate measurable result. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you are also experiencing relationships that resulted in a loss. A loss is income that did not exceed expectations. And believe it or not, an expected income is still a loss. Those two indicators, will always be present when you find the real reason for any problem. Before we go to why people fail financially, let’s first look at a very important principal for anyone that wants results from life. A good relationship with a client will be profitable to you, the supplier, and your client – it will exceed your and your client’s expectations; and when I say exceed, I don’t necessarily mean financially. Bad relationships with a client are bad to one degree or another as soon as the income of the parties is not exceeding their expectations. I am sure you will agree that your potential vastly exceeds your results. The reason you don’t use your full potential is due to something I call a fake reality. A fake reality is defined as a piece of information you are one hundred percent sure is true, but when you use it, it does not produce the expected results. Lack of results is the manifestation of fake realities. But, since those “explanations” do not solve the problem, you can be sure you have the wrong source for the problem - you are relying on a fake reality. What is the real source, or the most important reason, for financial success? The source of financial success is something surprising and has nothing to do with money. REASONS YOU THINK YOU ARE NOT SUCCESSFUL I don’t make enough money I don’t know how to make money Money is hard to make I don’t know how to manage money I was not born into the right family The market is… 60 Your financial success is defined by the quality of your relationships FEBRUARY/MARCH 2020 SA Real Estate Investor Magazine Good relationship with your body will be profitable to you, the spirit, and your body. While a bad relationship with your body (taking harmful drugs, not exercising, or abusing the body in any way) will not be profitable to you, the spirit, nor to your body. To learn how to create the ideal relationship with your body, your family, your business connections and anyone and anything you want, join the Relationship Webinar. Go to MEIR EZRA After journeying to study the world’s mystery schools, including through the Himalayas, he created a technology company that grew into a 100 million dollar business in 3 years by applying spiritualism to entrepreneurship.