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MASTER INVESTOR Breaking Boundaries & Borders The first of his name, Trevor Noah SIDIMA MFEKU TREVOR NOAH B orn out of unusual circumstances, Trevor Noah’s way into the world was astonishing to many. A life story very rare to find. It still amazes people how everything about him is different from the rest. He is a son of a mixed- race couple that dated in the 1980’s, at an intense era in South Africa, where mixed race couples where prohibited by the The Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act, Act No 55 of 1949.. His mother, Nombuyiselo Patricia Noah’s drive to go for what she wanted, in a country where inequalities were rife and the race card dictated everything, is often made to relate to the life Trevor has portrayed while trying to make his name in the entertainment industry. “She lived in a world where nothing was hers and she wanted her thing that she could love and that would lover her unconditionally,” said positive thinker, Trevor Noah. TREVOR NOAH Age: 36 years old Professions: Comedian, Commentator, Actor, Television presenter & Producer Marital Status: Single Famous quote: we spend so much time being afraid of failure, afraid of rejection but regret is the thing we should fear most Net worth: approximately $30 million Books: Born a Crime Speaking about what could have been in his mother’s mind when making a decision to date and have a child with a white man in an apartheid engulfed country. Noah says: “My mom, in that moment, only thought the government says I am not allowed to be with a white man and I will be with a white man. She is the example that I live my life by,” he said. Your current living conditions and circumstances aren’t, in any way, a determination of your future. Like South African born international comedian, Trevor Noah, it is important that people rise above their circumstances and use every available opportunity to invest in their future. 6 APRIL/MAY 2020 SA Real Estate Investor Magazine It was in his tender teenage years that internationally acclaimed, successful comedian Trevor Noah started to hone his craft while residing in the dusty streets of Soweto in South Africa. Speaking of making lemonades out of lemons, young Trevor used to make his comic performances from some of his experiences as a kid, which would often look at the racial dynamics of his native country, South Africa. His start-up performances were sometimes games he used to play with his friends. His skill and talent blossomed from there, and he became one of the leading figures of stand-up comedy in the country. Noah’s peers noted that the young performer, who fluently speaks several South African languages and imitate accents effortlessly, had big ambitions for his career. His ambition was not to be a star in South Africa alone, but to standout internationally as well. Noah’s success hails not only from stand-up comedy. In high school he was one of the few hustlers that were famous for bringing all to the fun to his peers. He sold CDs at his free time and during lunch breaks at school. Later in his life while trying to make a cent for himself and his family, Trevor joined one of the most scared of sectors, that not just anyone gets into but mostly those who have lost all hopes of being successful the traditional way. He joined the transport industry as a taxi driver. But for him this was not because he had lost all hopes for his future, but was still in the phase of seeking a breakthrough in his life. All his ventures added value to his life and he is proud to have lived through them. “What got me where I am today was taking a chance and doing what I loved, I think too many people focus on doing what they think is successful versus doing what they love. People want to be doctors, lawyers, in the entertainment industry because of the money, and do not realise that life is long and you are going to live this life hating it, because you doing what you don’t love all in the name of making money,” he says. Noah believes that if you enjoy your life doing what you love you do not need money more than you need the job. “Money doesn’t make you happy,” Noah says. 36-year-old Noah says there is nothing he has done in life that he would describe as have been a waste of his time at any point. “There is nothing that did not get me to this point, everything that didn’t go well became a story to talk about when I went well. Everything that did not go as I planned made me what I am today and everything that went well is why I’m here,” He says. “What got me where I am today was taking a chance and doing what I loved.” International stage It is every local artist’s dream to feature in the international stage of the entertainment industry. While we can vouch that many South Africans and African entertainers are making it in the international stage, this entertainer’s shine in the international stage is exceptional. Since 2009, Noah helmed his own one-man show,  The Daywalker, which was also filmed as a documentary. Amongst other achievements before making his name abroad, he hosted The South African Music Awards (SAMAs). After performing stand-up in the United States, Noah staged another one- man show, The Racist, at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe festival. A few of years later Noah landed another major gig, debuting SA Real Estate Investor Magazine APRIL/MAY 2020 7