Real Estate Investor Magazine March 2024 | Page 110

Buying a home is one of the most significant – and life-changing – investments you ’ ll ever make , which is why you need a home loan expert to guide you through the homebuying journey .
It is EASY as the client will have someone to guide them through the process and explain the complicated legal and financial aspects of their application .
It is TIME SAVING as the application is submitted electronically and simultaneously to all banks . This not only saves the client time from visiting each bank but also client will complete ONE APPLICATION FORM , as opposed to completing each bank form
An originator will assist the client with an overall assessment of their FINANCIAL SITUATION , CREDITWORTHINESS and AFFORDABILITY
It INCREASES THE LIKELIHOOD OF OBTAINING A HOMELOAN due to the originator ’ s knowledge of the different banks ’ lending criteria
The multiple-quote model enables originators to NEGOTIATE INTEREST RATES with banks depending on what other banks have offered .
There is CONTROL and COORDINATION around the application process which also benefits theseller as this creates certainty that everything possible is done to assist on the transaction .