Real Estate Investor Magazine July/August 2023 Edition | Page 84

VACANT LAND apart from securing the erf and ensuring it stays neat and tidy .
It ’ s always a good idea to do a land survey to understand the underlying geology , topography and potential challenges of a vacant plot . Check the supply of municipal services like water , waste and electricity , and make sure that the necessary zoning is in place for whatever you ’ re planning to build , continues Jacobs .
Creative freedom
There is also no substitute for the freedom of being able to build your ideal property from scratch , with no limitations apart from those imposed by geography and / or any title deed conditions .
For most owners , the biggest limitation when building from scratch is budget ,” says Jacobs . “ It ’ s a good idea to talk to an architect or builder in advance to get an idea of construction costs , and then budget for at least 30 % more than predicted to account for any price increases or unexpected challenges .”
Future-forward design
Energy and water-saving features have become huge value-adds for South African households , but retrofitting these to existing structures isn ’ t always easy or affordable . Building from scratch offers an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy the full spectrum of modern green building initiatives more effectively , efficiently , and affordably .
Consider hybrid or fully off-grid power setups , rainwater collection and greywater recycling systems , along with energy saving features like double glazing . They do , come at a premium which can be challenging on a tight budget . “ However , long-term cost-savings – not to mention added value to the property – should more than make up for that initial investment within just a few years , he concludes .
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