Real Estate Investor Magazine August/September Edition | Page 142

property , and it serves as a cover for a status approach to economic management at best , and exploitative plutocracy at worst . The effect is that property rights in South Africa are a potent weapon of political discourse , and this may drive economists like myself that pursue efficiency to absolute distraction .
The evidence as presented today is not sufficient , especially on this topic in South Africa . A balanced property rights regime has to be provided in such a way in South Africa that people can identify with it , and understand why the legislative proposals of the current government damage the human dignity that is equal for all of us . Today ’ s conference on property rights is part of an emotionally charged political debate that will define South Africa ’ s ability to become a better country , and this is a significant responsibility for all of us to bear .”
David Ansara , CEO - Free Market Foundation
He presented Title Deeds for Disadvantaged Homeowners : “ As the Free Market Foundation , we are very proud to showcase the Khaya Lam project . This is a project that has been going for 10 years , and in that time we have very proudly transferred over 10 000 title deeds to former council tenants - people who have been residing on properties for sometimes generations , but have lacked the former legal recognition of their ownership status .
We work together with donors , with municipalities , with a team of conveyancers , and also with the beneficiaries themselves to help get title deeds into the hands of South Africans .”
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