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To find out where in the world homeowners want a second home the most , the property experts analysed global search data for terms such as ‘ second home in [ location ]’ and ‘ holiday home in [ location ]’, revealing that countries including Ireland , New Zealand and UK are some of the trending second home hotspots for 2024 .

From coastal destinations offering sun , sea and sand to quaint cities filled with culture and history , there are picturesque destinations all over the world that attract millions of tourists and second home owners each year .
For people who fall in love with a destination and want to revisit it time and time again , owning a second home and renting it out while you ' re not there could be a fantastic way to make passive income and have somewhere to stay whenever you want to visit .
So if you ' re looking for inspiration on where to purchase a second property , then one of these popular in-demand destinations could be the one for you …
Most Popular Cities Around The World For Second Homes . # 1 Gold Coast , Australia Australian cities reign supreme in the world of second homes , with the Gold Coast leading the charge . Known for its stunning beaches , world-class waves , and thrilling theme parks like Dreamworld and SeaWorld , this coastal gem is a magnet for families and surf enthusiasts alike .
In December 2023 , average house prices soared to a record $ 1.03 million , reflecting the high demand for property in this coveted location . Despite the price tag , the Gold Coast offers unparalleled lifestyle benefits , making it an ideal destination for holiday home buyers , where every day feels like a vacation .
# 2 Melbourne , Australia This coastal hotspot which is often hailed as one of the world ’ s most liveable cities - ranking in second with almost 45,000 searches over the past year for both second and holiday homes in the city . Adelaide ( 24,800 searches ) and Perth ( 22,800 searches ) also feature in the top ten . The nation ’ s capital Sydney ranks in 13th spot , while sunny Brisbane ranks in 15th .
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