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the point of obsession and ignore the noise . Many people will try to dissuade you from starting to invest in anything because of the risk associated with any type of investment . Most of them will be close friends and family and most times they will be discouraging you out of love and concern for your financial stability .
However , no-one ever made any real money without taking real risk . Remember , the greater the risk the greater the reward . Walk your own path and do not be deterred .


Take Action and START
Procrastination has been the death of many a business idea . the longer you wait the more expensive property will become . The best time to start in property investing was 10 years ago ... the secondbest time is NOW .
It won ’ t be easy , but it will be worth it in the end .
NIGEL ADRIAANSE Chief Executive Officer - Enterprise Development Property Fund ( EDPF ), an IMPACT Fund with a mission to empower black entrepreneurs who wish to enter the property sector .
SA Real Estate Investor Magazine FEBRUARY 2021 25
Building your UK Power Team How to safely invest in offshore real estate when you’re stuck in SA PART 9 I n the eighth article in this series, we gave you some basic ideas on how to raise capital for your property investment deals. We also explored how you can legally move money from South Africa to the UK. In this article, we take a closer look at how to identify the professional and ‘on the ground’ teams you will need to establish to invest in UK property from South Africa. In business, it is said that a smart man surrounds himself with people who are smarter than him in various technical areas. This is especially true when it comes to property investment. With the world becoming a smaller place thanks to technology, it is now possible to live in one country and invest in another. Students enrolled in our FastTrack programme have been able to purchase property throughout the pandemic without having to visit the UK – however, it is almost impossible to do this without having an exemplary, trustworthy team working for you, allowing your property investment business to function efficiently. Sean Thomson, property investment coach at Wealth Trek, provides some guidance on building your property investment power team in the United Kingdom. 52 FEBRUARY 2021 SA Real Estate Investor Magazine My experience has shown that building a trustworthy team comes down to being able to ask the right questions or having a reliable source recommend someone knowledgeable. We do much the same thing through our programme, leveraging my knowledge and experience and bringing trusted service providers to the table. Who should be on your professional team? Mentor For me, a mentor is the most important cog in the wheel. A good mentor must be active in the field you are wanting to get involved in. They should be happy to bring a vetted team to the table to help you achieve your goals. Solicitor It’s important to have a solicitor who can act on your behalf and undertake all the legal due diligence required regarding your property purchases. When you are purchasing in a foreign country, where tricky areas require expert navigation, a solicitor who is a property specialist can help to ensure that you are protected, now and in the future. Finance broker An independent broker who can source bespoke funding exclusively for foreign national or expat investors is key. Getting funding is tricky – it’s not as easy as calling up a High Street bank. Our students are able to obtain finance in the UK without being residents. This is crucially important when you want to leverage and build a portfolio (rather than just purchase one or two properties). Accountant An accountant can assist with the set- up of a structure and will ensure that your UK property business runs as tax efficiently as possible, given your status SA Real Estate Investor Magazine FEBRUARY 2021 53