Real Estate in Turkey Leather, Clothes, and Fruits... Turkish Exports Ar

Turkish exports continue to record new records day after day, as these natural and industrial products of high quality are distinguished from others, Turkey's most important exports this year are leather, ready-made garments, core fruits and industrial machinery. Turkish leather exports to Russia rise 64 % Turkey's exports of leather rose 64 % between January and July of 2018, according to a report issued by the Turkish Aegean Exporters Association on Tuesday (27/08/2018). The report added that Turkey's leather exports to Russia amounted to 144 million dollars during the first seven months of 2018. He also pointed out that shoes received the lion's share of Turkish leather exports to Russia, recording 91 million and 707 thousand dollars. He clarified that the Association is preparing to participate in the exhibition "EuroShose Collection", which will be held in Russia between 27 and 30 August 2018, to promote Turkish exports of leather to the Russian market.