HOTEL RESIDENCES FOR SALE IN TURKEY Turkey is one of the preferred destinations for expatriates and foreigners looking for the beautiful nature of the city, such as the green Trabzon Mountains, pure blue Bosphorus, Bursa Falls and many areas with tourist attractions that let you enjoy the charming atmosphere and mild climate in summer and winter, making investment in the sector Tourist a profitable option by searching for hotel apartments for sale in Turkey. Hotel residences in Turkey are many available in various types and categories. This is a preferred option for many expatriate families to temporary accommodation and even stability. The hotel occupancy rate in Turkey in 2017 and 2018 has reached 85% during the year. Therefore, investment in the tourism sector by buying a hotel residence in Turkey is the most successful investment for those looking for permanent profitability. When searching for a hotel residence for sale, it is recommended that you choose a new building or complex and that the rooms and suites are modern, close to the historic sights, sandy beaches and local facilities of the city. When you decide to search a hotel residence for investment in Turkey, we at Imtilak Real Estate offer you the best options and offers in different Turkish cities as soon as you contact us.