Real Estate in Turkey Get to Know about Arab and International Schools i | Page 2

nature, social life, and social and social integration, not to mention the embrace of Arab and expatriate communities, where there are many social patterns suitable for newcomers. The situation in the region has prompted thousands of families to seek new, safer and more stable alternatives. Many of them chose to go to Istanbul and decided to live and own real estate in Turkey, where they can see the finest apartments, villas, residential and commercial complexes. What are the difficulties of living in Turkey? But all this does not eliminate the existence of some difficulties, especially in the early beginnings of coming, and before the integration with the community, such as the language barrier mostly, as well as on the subject of education in particular. The children’s education dispersed in multiple educational stages and coming from diverse academic environments represented a significant challenge to the choice of alternatives available in a big city like Istanbul, from public schools that teach Turkish in various sections and their scientific and legal branches to international schools offering education in languages to Arab schools that teaches the curricula adopted in a number of Arab countries.