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Team of Experts

The farmer or rancher relies on a team of experts to help manage their cattle for optimum health and production . These individuals are specifically trained and work closely with cattlemen and cattlewomen to make sure practices are science-based , regulated , and above all , good for the animal and the consumer . Listed here are a few of the professionals who assist farmers and ranchers ; there are many more . One in three people work in agriculture worldwide . Learn more about these and the many other careers in agriculture by visiting AgExplorer . FFA . org .
Using the descriptions to the right , write in the correct letter ( A . B . C . etc .) of the animal care expert to match to the photos below .
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A - Genetic Specialist / Technician : These individuals are specially trained to breed cattle by artificial insemination or to provide reproductive services in areas of embryo creation and in vitro fertilization . Genetic specialists help ranchers improve their cattle .
C - Beef Quality Assurance Trainer : The Beef Quality Assurance ( BQA ) program trains farmers and ranchers on best practice cattle management techniques . These best practices ensure animals and the environment are cared for within a standard set of guidelines across the U . S . beef industry .
B - Animal Nutritionist : The animal nutritionist works closely with farmers and ranchers to ensure the nutritional needs of the beef animals are met . They formulate balanced feed rations based on nutritional and caloric requirements of the animals .
D - Brand Inspector : A brand inspector checks brands on livestock and official documentation , such as shipping certificates and bills of sale , to confirm lawful ownership when animals are sold . These professionals also record the type and number of livestock shipped to catch theft or illegal branding .
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E - Range / Conservation / Environmental Scientist : Range or conservation scientists manage , improve , and protect natural resources to maximize their use without damaging the environment . They advise farmers and ranchers on how to best care for the land and water .
F - Veterinarian / Assistant / Technician : Veterinarians and their assistants and technicians are responsible for the well-being of animals . They work hand-in-hand with farmers and ranchers to provide essential medical procedures to ensure that animals are healthy .
Source : AgExplorer . FFA . org
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