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Whanganui Bay The tangata whenua, or people of the land, at Whanganui Bay are guardians of a beautiful and enriching place. All around the crescent-shaped pumice beach that delimits the bay, majestic volcanic pillars and walls rise through the lush canopy of surrounding bush. For climbers, those walls are a central part of history, the ore from which a small group of pioneers forged a pathway for the sport of climbing and, along the way, an identity for themselves. In its heyday, people travelled from far and wide to sample the unique climbing experience to be had here. Time may have moved on and development may have slowed but the things that make Whanganui Bay a special place remain. Some say that there is no other crag in New Zealand that combines such a rich heritage, outstanding natural environment, climbing atmosphere and multiplicity of climbing sensations. Troy Mattingley patrolling pockets, On Patrol in the Ruins of Your Body (23). Route 23, page 201. JOhn Palmer