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Whanganui Bay Just before you get to the Black Scorpion Area, directly above the track is a corner with a bolted wall on the right. w Distortion  12m 27 [ The bulging overhang is climbed on a 5  collection of tendon-distorting two finger pockets. Richard Bull, 1994 Further right again and up is a small alcove, the right-hand arĂȘte is: e Das Crankenstein  12m 25 ] Start up the angular arĂȘte from the lower 4  ledge through a bouldery lower section, sustained through the middle. Mike Rockell, 1986 14 13 14 12 15 16 isolation Area These climbs launch from the exposed ledge up and to the right of Das Crankenstein, which also offers excellent views over Lake Taupo