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Adventurous America



“Curiosity killed the cat.” Everyone knows that, but it supposed nine lives, curiosity killed the cat. Well, not quite. The original version of this idiom is “Care killed the cat.” By using the word “care” the owner of this saying meant 'worry' rather than the more usual meaning “look after.”

It was October, 2002. We were planning to go to America. The oldest one of the family, my granddad, accepted this plan. So everything was going right but I didn’t know what was going to happen. We were all happy. My father bought the tickets for all of us, my uncles, grandparents, my mom and me.

Finally the exciting day came. That day was the flight day, October 23. We went to the airport and we took our seats at the plane. We were all excited. Suddenly the pilot announced, “We are taking off, please fasten your seatbelts.” It was going to be a long flight but I was ready for the next boring twelve hours. I brought my play-dough. I slept and played with my play-dough during the whole flight. The pilot announced again, “We are landing on to the airport, please don’t turn your cellphones on until I stop the engine.” My grandparents woke me up. I didn’t understand what was happening. Probably it was because I was sleepy. Our first night was boring. We went to the hotel and slept as quick as we could. The day after was the exciting and the adventurous day. I woke up and I smell some fresh bread. We made our breakfast. My granddad came to the room and said, “We are going to eat a wonderful dinner at Las Vegas and then we will go to the casino.” I didn’t noticed what was a casino but it sounds familiar and adventurous. I remembered the word “Casino” from the movie “The Good Thief”.

While we were eating the dinner I was thinking about the casino. I didn’t eat too much because I was really curious about the night. The dinner was finished and we paid the bill. So it was time to go to the casino. When we arrived the casino I was shocked. I saw lots of lights and neon boards. We entered the building it was smelling like a new carpet and my uncle played some gamble. While we were at the 3rd floor I saw a big elevator. It was the biggest one I’ve ever seen. So I wondered what was that big box and I ran to the elevator. When I went inside to the elevator I pressed to the button and I waited my family. I didn’t know what would happen next. Suddenly the elevator’s door closed. I was really shocked and I was just staring at the door of elevator. The elevator’s door opened but I didn’t know what to do. I just began to the school this summer. I thought I will never be found again and I will grow up in this gambler place. I freak out and I was going to cry a few minutes later if my hero didn’t appear in front of me. It was my uncle. He was surprised to see me because he couldn’t know that I can walk alone in the biggest casino in Las Vegas.

“OMG! Omer you shouldn’t be here alone. Luckily I found you or you were going to be lost.” Said my uncle and he took me in his arms. “Uncle I am very glad you find me or I was almost going to be lost.” I said. They found me! No one wants to get lost in a gambler place. No one wants to grow up there and be a gambler.

I was happy to be found. We left that casino in a minute and went to the hotel again. It was a rough night for me and also my family because they seriously worried about me. So first two day, wasn’t as perfect as I expected.

My uncle appeared in front of me. It is a kind of fate I think. All I learned from this holiday was that I shouldn’t be so curious. I am sure that I will not be too curious about something anymore because “Curiosity killed the cat.”

Ömer Özbilen

Photo by rtwin30days.com