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Bikes'n Roses


Have you ever wanted something a lot in your entire life? A phone, a computer, a game... What I wanted was quite different. It was small, but sporty. It was a bike that I firstly saw in a supermarket near our house. It was a small BMX! That bike had a powerful spell that produced magnetic force between me and the bike. Everytime, when I saw the bike in the supermarket, my uncontrollable passion to the bike had an enormous increase inside me. As you know you can’t supress your passion after it reaches its boiling point. These days I was living that boiling point inside me. I was planning “how can I make my parents buy that bike for me?” The idea came out like a revelation. I was finishing first grade next week. Why not to make them buy it in the name of a “first grade-finishing-present?” My plan worked, actually with my insists, they bought the bike for me in the name of a “first grade-finishing-present.”

A week passed, but I didn’t feel even an isotope of satisfaction about having the bike. I made a brain storm on it. I rapidly found the solution. The solution was “riding the bike.” Now on I was looking forward to the day, when I’d try the bike. Luckily I had no problem with “Where will I try my bike?” There was an auditorium in ten-meters distance from our house. I could see the auditorium from my room’s window. I was terribly thinking of the bike while I was looking to the auditorium. Then my light bumb gave light! Why not to offer them a walk in the auditorium. Soon the offer was accepted by my parents. So I had the chance to try my baby! I had the chance to test the vehicle that not only produces power, which also produces magic! When the time came, I ran down four stairs rapidly, which I hadn’t done before, then I took my bike from the cellar of the apartment and waited my parents to come.

In a minute I was walking to the auditorium with my parents. It was just ten meters with asphalt, but I was feeling like I was soaring through the clouds, which were on the way of the heaven. As I got to the auditorium, I took my bike with the lightning speed and started to ride it and feel it. Feeling the speed, the unbreakable spell. Cycling faster and faster. Feeling the smooth air touches my skin gently. Hearing the air whistling a soothing theme. Everything was different. It was just like jumping in a new era.

Sky was getting darkened after three marvellous

Photo by iises.net

hours on my new bike. I was getting tired, but I wasn’t caring it. I was living the spell. I couldn’t break the spell, but if I had known what would happen next... CRASHHHH! AUCH! When I lost my concentrate fo a second, I lost the control of my bike and I crashed the bike into roses! It was the first and only time I understood the proverb:“Every rose has thorns.”

Wish I wasn’t wearing a short and a t-shirt. Thorns were hurting me and I couldn’t get out from roses. My knees were really hurting. Luckily I saw my friends Kaan and Melis. They were like Hercules, saving Prometheus from chains:

- “Efe are you OK? You look good in the roses, but..” said Kaan.

- “Shut up.” said Melis.

They helped me to get out from the “hell gate.” I walked with their help to my parents. I thanked them. My parents took me to a hospital. Doctor said I was lucky, because I only had scratches and hurt knees. Nothing more (!), but I didn’t believe the doctor. I thought he said it just to motivate me, but when he counted off all the terrible things that could have happened to me I felt lucky. Oh, my gosh! I learned a valuable lesson by the way. I learned that bikes’n roses don’t blend!

Efe Dikmen