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Made to Be Best Friends


We have been very close to each other. Seray and me, we were friends, we were sisters, we were confidants since our kinder garden days, we had enjoyed our time all day long together for more than 8 years. We had similar hobbies, similar sense of humor, we were listening the same type of music… briefly it was like we were made to be the best friends.

Think under these conditions what will happen if we separate? This predicament came over to me. At the 6th grade we had to attend different classes at school. This situation was very painful for me, when I was first informed about this I couldn’t stop my tears flowing from my eyes. The only way was to accept and adopt my self to the new situation. Furthermore, breaks were just 5 minutes at the school. We just could find time to meet each other at lunch break.

As time went by we started to diverge from each other. We made new friends. The unbelievable point was that she became very close with Ayşe whom we both disliked. Seray started to listen Justin Bieber, One Direction and the most striking point to me was that Seray started to watch the most stupid Turkish series. I realized that Ayşe started to influence her negatively.

At one break while we were talking I stared at her eyes and said

‘’You have changed a lot recently, you’re hanging together a lot with Ayşe.’’ She admitted and said ‘’I like my new way, Ayşe is a good girl previously we were prejudice to her.’’ I abruptly said ‘’You run of the rails.’’ And I turned away.

Hereafter she didn’t come up, she didn’t look at my face even we bumped into at the corridor. I was really upset however she seemed to be satisfied about her attitude. I expected that she would realize the facts one day.

A year passed away. One day I couldn’t stand. I went to her house and we talked all day long. Seray said ‘’Why didn’t you warn me?’’ I replied ‘’I tried to do it but you didn’t consider.‘’ We hugged and cried together. We promised to warn each other eternally when we

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