RC Rocks Memoirs Memoirs - October. 2013 - Page 18

The King is Dead, Long Live the King


WOW!!! I enrolled Robert College. That was my dream for years. I can’t forget the day I enrolled. When my father said that: “ Congratulations! I just enrolled you in Robert College.” I don’t have any word to say. My dream came true. Then I became so happy that I couldn’t sleep that night. Also I was shocked because when my dad first came he said: “ I waited until the registry finished but our turn didn’t come.” Then I really felt miserable and I went outside not to think that. After 2 or 3 hours my mom called me and said: “You have to come home as fast as you can.” I don’t know what to say and do but I was sure that home was the last place I wanted to go. But my mom phoned me again and said: “ Where are you? We are waiting for you.” I decided to go then and a really big surprise was waiting for me. When I entered they were waiting for me at the door and told me that they didn’t tell the truth for surprising me and then you know everyone calls or sends messages for congratulating. Then I think that I worked hard so I deserve to study here.

But my story isn’t going to be about how I worked hard or how I felt during SBS. It is all about being a part of Robert College and my first few days at school. My first visit to the school was when I was working for SBS. It was like a dream, it was unbelievable but I couldn’t actually think that I can study here. Because you should have a high result at SBS and pay so much money. But SBS part bothers me most. School was as huge as a city and has more resources than any other schools. So that day here became my dream for my high school education. And I worked here until see here and achieved my target.

I still couldn’t believe I will study at Robert College until my first day at school. When I woke up at the first day of school, I was a little bit anxious, but mostly curios. My curiosity decreased by the time but the school rules affected me. School has lots of rules also they don’t t let anyone to stretch it. My first days were spent for learning more about school and get used to school. Also I was trying to make new friends. When I got used to school, the school rules were so hard and compeller for me.

After a hard year, at a Prep year could be relax and not so hard I thought. But it wasn’t that easy. How bad could watching something at my computer after I finished my task be? But teachers don’t think so. One of the days I have to print something for Mrs. Schaefer’s lesson so I went out to print. When I came the whole class were about to finish something I really don’t know anything about. So I started to watch a video. But I didn’t know that teacher could see me! She saw me and took my computer. I was really embarrassed because I don’t have a real and acceptable excuse for this.

That day affected me so much because school rules are the same if you are the richest or not if you are a 12 or Prep. Some basic rules what everybody should obey can’t be stretched. I got lessons from that day. Behavioral rules are the most important rules because your behaviors always show who you are.

Umut Yün

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