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Disaster in Disneyland


Don’t you like to travel to new places? Of course you do. Everybody does. When you go to new countries you feel happy more than ever, but there is always a fear of getting lost. Well I’ve been trough that frightening event when I was just 8 years old.

In the summer of 2007 my mom told me we were going to America. I was really happy because I’ve always wanted to see America. Almost every movie was filmed in America! This was going to be marvelous! A month later we packed our packs and got on the plane. After 11 hours of journey we’ve landed. It was just like a dream coming true, but that was before the things happened to me.

The day after we came to America we finally went to Disney World. It was so big. I was fascinated by the decorations. It was just like I’m in a fairytale. Then I saw a man in Mickey Mouse costume. I run towards him. There was a crow next to him. Suddenly I realized that my mom wasn’t there. I freaked out. I was roaming around, trying to find my mom or my dad trough the crow but the world around me was blurry. I couldn’t think straight. Where the hell could they go, how they couldn’t notice that I was gone?! How could they leave me? I’m just a kid they should be the one to be responsible not me! They should look out for me never left me! Now because of they’re irresponsibility I was lost and didn’t know what to do. My hands were shaking, I thought talking to an employee and to explain my situation but then it occurred to me that my English wasn’t good enough. I have never been in situation like this before. I didn’t want to cry, I had to be strong. Then I saw a tall, thin woman with great bone structure, green eyes and with copper brown hair. If I couldn’t see a Turkish name stitched on her uniform I have never guessed she was from Turkey. I realized this was a big opportunity to find my parents so I ran to her. When I was about to talk to her, the tears started came out of my eyes. I couldn’t stop my tears. I was sobbing and trying to explain myself at the same time so words didn’t come out right.

Nothing seem to right.

She understood my situation. She took me to the information desk. She started comforting me but I managed to say that I’m Turk in the chaos. She asked “Do you know your mother’s telephone number?”. I mumbled a few words then shook my head. I said “It’s 0543675998.”. She dialed the number and talk with my mother in Turkish. “I found your daughter, she was lost so I brought her to the information desk. You can come and take her from there.”. I couldn’t hear what mom said but I think she was crying, but it was happy tears.

About 20 minutes later I saw my mom walking down the crowd. I can’t describe how relieved I was with words. After the terrifying hours I was finally rejoined my parents. I rushed to my mother’s arms. I feel the warmth that relived me. She hugged me really hard, she was crying. After she let me go she let me go I realized that I was crying too. After the rough day I had, we went to our hotel. On the way home everybody was quite, nobody got angry to me or accused me of making the day a disaster. I understood that they were as scared as me.

What I learned from the thing I’ve been trough this day stayed with me forever. I’ve never left my parents when we’re in somewhere I didn’t know, but this kind of an event makes you more mature and able to fight trough difficulties. Also I understood that people are stronger then they think they are. So if this is tragedy then give me tragedy because this think make me stronger and made me understood that life isn’t easy. People sometimes need hope and when you need it, the world gives you hope. The lady that helped was my hope.

Sinem Meydanlı

Photo by 123rf.com