RC Rocks Memoirs Memoirs - October. 2013 - Page 12

It’s Just Water


Everything was perfect. It was the first week of third grade. I was at my friends house. My dad was downstairs chatting with my friends dad. I was playing games on the playstation, playing billiards, watching tv shows. We were playing with excitement. I kind of had to go to the bathroom, but I decided to put it off.

We decided to have a playstation tournament, the game was called “Call of Duty” (a war game). I was really focused because my friend and I were trying to take out the apponents while they were working very hard to take us out. As we played, I felt that I had to go to the bathroom again. I was just about to get up when a terrorist jumped up in front of me in the game so I thought “Whoa never mind the bathroom now!”

The round ended and then we went to go play soccer. As we walked out to the garden I squeezed myself and stopped the need for now. We played as two teams. I was the goalie. As I waited in front of the goal, I felt it nudge telling me GO NOW! I just jumped around for a minute and made it go away.

The other team unfortunantely won. Playing pool was the best thing to do next. I hit the ball in but missed the last one. As I waited for my other friend play it came again but fiercer than ever. I still managed to hold it in even if it was sooo hard. We went on playing, my turn came. I got ready to play so I got the cue, closed one eye, aimed to hit the ball in the perfect spot. I took my hand back and swished it towards the ball. The moment I started forward, it came like a nuclear volcano explosion. I hit the ball in a way that it flew off the table on my friends toe!

I said “I’m reeeally sorry. I gotta go for a minute” and ran off for the bathroom. I ran and ran and ran. It felt like forever to get there! I saw the door for the bathroom. I took one step, two steps, three steps, grabbed the door knob and opened it wide open. The door bounced from the wall and shut as I got my pants down, nothing. I looked down at my pants and my mouth dropped down like a hammer, I did it all in my pants!!!

I paused, stred at the wall. It was the end of the world. I put my pants back up and my face went sower. Then I opened the oor to see if my dad was there. I saw him, talking. I tried to call him, my mouth moved but there was no sound. I called him again, no sound this time either. One last time I tried and I could only stutter, “Dad, can you c…come?” He looked at me, got up and came immediately. He came in. I sobbed “It’s all terrible, we have to go back home I, my pants are all…” He cut me off mid sentence. “Doruk, you don’t have to tell.” Men don’t talk about such stuff. He smirked. We went home. As we walked through the living room he said to mom who was looking at my pants with one eyebrow up, “Don’t worry hun’, it’s just water.”

Doruk Kahraman

Photo by ghorayebtravel.net