RC Rocks Memoirs Memoirs - October. 2013 - Page 10

The Blessed


“I may be a twin, but I’m one of a kind.” Have you got a twin, a brother or a sister? I was cursed and blessed by borning as a twin. He was my best friend and my worst enemy. He always tried to help me in spite of that we fought about everything. We played together, wore the same clothes, ate the same things, furthermore we fought about toys, clothes, television channels.

We grew up and started school. We met new people. And then, everyone started to compare us. Friends were comparing us. He was a little bit more sociable than me. Teachers were comparing us. Even Mom started to compare us.

One day, in science lesson, the teacher was talking about elements. He was an old, fat, bald man wearing a light blue shirt and a red tie. Most of the students liked him, but I didn’t. My brother and my friends were also in the class. It was last lesson and all of us were bored. We were just waiting for the school to end. He asked me a question and I couldn’t answer. He said “Why can’t you be more like your brother?” I blushed and I couldn’t speak. Tears came down my cheeks. I put my head down on the lab desk and bury my face with my cardigan. My friends next to me were trying to talk to me but I didn’t want to talk. I couldn’t bear anymore. I was tired of people comparing us as if I must be like him.

After that day, people stopped comparing us. They understood that we can’t be the copy of each other, that we are different and unique.

Today, we’re going to different schools, we have different friends and teachers. We have different talents. We have diffrent enjoyments. We like doing different things. We have our own different lives. We’re still arguing sometimes but no one is comparing us no more.

Mert Us

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