Ray White Now New Zealand - October Edition - Page 26

1 . Marketing exposure
Tender and Exclusive Listing
Most innovative marketing real estate business in New Zealand . Our enviable position comes from an unwavering commitment to marketing and auctions - whether that be safely on-site or in-room .
Our approach to tender and exclusive is aligned with our marketing methods of creating competitive situations between buyers to create the best outcomes for our vendor clients .
In September , Ray White New Zealand had 1,620 live listings , with the number of sales down 34.7 per cent year on year .
Since the beginning of 2021 , Ray White New Zealand has listed a record 17,922 properties across the country . In 2021 , the Ray White Group passed through 23.3 per cent market share in New Zealand residential sales .
Last month , Ray White New Zealand had 577 properties scheduled to go to auction , leading to a strong all sold clearance rate of 87.9 per cent
We have never lost faith in the value we can bring our vendors in a challenging market through effective marketing . If you choose to sell , we will be suggesting an investment in marketing as we believe it enables us to maximise competition and clearly illustrates your intent to sell and therefore attract genuine buyers . We appreciate that some people would prefer to sell quietly or offmarket . While this is not a normal recommendation , we welcome discussion on all opportunities to take your property to the market .
This chart compares the number of online enquiries made through Ray White websites from 2019 , 2020 and 2021 . It shows online enquiries are 53.08 per cent above levels
# Online Enquiries / 28 days
80k 70k 60k 50k 40k 30k 20k 10k
at the same time last year . May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov
2019 2020 2021 Source : Ray White Online Analytics