Ray White Now New Zealand 29.6.2020 Version 6 - 29 June 2020 - Page 7

Selling in the current environment Listing by Brand - May 2020 - NZ During the month of May we were proudly supported by the greatest amount of clients deciding to sell during this period of uncertainty. Like most property owners, you may have questions about what has and hasn’t changed in the way in which properties are being marketed in the current environment. Is now a good time to market my property for sale? Will I achieve a premium price from the current market? What are the different variables which play a role in how many buyers will be interested in my home? These are all very valid questions and ones which we can provide accurate responses to. We are now seeing a slight increase in new listings coming to the market. Fortunately we continue to see strong buyer demand, as illustrated in our online enquiry data and the number of bidders at auction. Despite the strong results we are seeing, as we have said for some time, there is potential risk in the market later in the year for the important reasons we discuss on the following pages. We, of course, don’t want our clients to make decisions to stay out of the real estate market based on speculative reports or negative stories about the future of prices without actual information. Over the past six weeks in ‘Ray White Now’, we have been highlighting the great resilience of the real estate market despite economic uncertainty. We have advocated the advantage for potential vendors to sell in today’s market through our real-time data which creates an accurate picture of the balance between buyers and sellers and what makes the market remain strong, together with what is giving buyers continued confidence to purchase properties. By listing now, sellers will have the opportunity to avoid potential future risks in the market and transacting in a well-balanced market that is presently generating strong results for our clients. As you consider any campaign to sell your property, we recommend that you consider how your agent will create competition and achieve the best price in today’s market. We have created Ray White Now to provide clarity to all of our customers on what is happening in the market today. If you are considering selling we explain how you can take advantage of the current conditions to achieve the best possible sales outcome for your property. 7 The information is general information only, not financial advice, and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs.