Ray White Now New Zealand 29.6.2020 Version 6 - 29 June 2020 - Page 5

Property continues to show positive signs across the majority of markets for both buyers and sellers during the month of June. As the month of June draws to a close and the shortest day of the year is behind us, the real-time statistical data remains clear that the real estate market continues to perform well, both in terms of volume and also turnover. Despite the economic changes that we are experiencing, prices have remained consistent, with listed prices increasing over the past four weeks by 6.8% across New Zealand. As we move further into this economic cycle there is more data available for real estate commentators to now provide accurate and re-adjusted analysis of the previously speculative forecasts that they were providing to the market, providing informed rather than influenced messaging to the marketplace. During the past seven days we have been afforded by sellers to market 321 properties and these include various methods of marketing through auction, tender and exclusive controlled marketing. The sales results have reflected a continuous positive buyer response, with consistent bidding at auctions and a high buyer enquiry rate through our marketing channels for all forms of property. Home loan rates remain at record lows and this is providing an easier entry to home affordability for many purchasers in the market, with loan pre-approvals at record numbers. 35