Ray White Now New Zealand 29.6.2020 Version 6 - 29 June 2020 - Page 3

Dear Property Owner, As we approach the last week of June, property continues to show positive signs across the majority of the markets for both buyers and sellers. Our latest real-time statistical data gives a clear indication of the success that is being achieved in the area of property sales and this is backed up by the confidence that buyers have with continuing low interest rates and home affordability. The good news for both buyers and sellers is that the amount of property coming on the market has lifted slightly and this has encouraged buyers to be more active in the market. Several other indicators, including open home attendees, registered auction bidders together with pre-approved home buyers have all increased and we see this within our data that is supplied through our Ray White Now document. The latest release of data through One Roof and its partner, Valocity, shows New Zealand properties have fallen just a mere 1% since late March despite there being a considerable stalling in prices during the first period. While there were many speculative reports by economists predicting a dire outcome for property owners, they have now reassessed their position and are attributing the relative buoyancy to the low number of listings coupled with the strong demand from buyers and the record low interest rates. We believe that those who are considering buying and selling property today will have many questions based on the activity in the market and what can be actually reported on which gives the most accurate picture of where the market sits today for those who are considering a property transaction. You can take confidence from Ray White that our members have the detailed information to give you up-to-date and detailed data that will align with the market activity. Ray White has 182 offices across New Zealand and we welcome your enquiry to assist with your property transaction. Regards Carey Smith Ray White New Zealand Chief Executive 3