Ray White Now New Zealand 29.6.2020 Version 6 - 29 June 2020 - Page 16

2. Generating buyer enquiry Being one of the largest real estate groups in the country has direct advantages for our sellers. Our ability to target the largest pool of buyers within a campaign is a strength which you can be confident will assist us in delivering the best possible result for you. In the current market conditions, it’s critical to target the broadest possible audience and to be as efficient as possible in tailoring appropriate messaging to your potential buyers. After all, our focus is to seek out the buyer for your property that will pay more than everyone else. We do this by having the greatest number of relationships with buyers in the market today. Combine our relationships with our use of technology, we can engage with buyers on a level that will ensure we can find the premium buyer for your property. In addition to our ability to target broad audiences, Ray White Concierge, our communication specialists, unique to Ray White, can target one of the most influential audiences, our local communities. Our 119 years of real estate experience has enabled us to understand that a catalyst for creating competition is leveraging the local community and our data shows that in some cases, up to 60 per cent of property purchasers come from neighbours and their friends. Concierge is able to communicate to property owners in surrounding streets, positioning your property to ensure that it is at the centre of our communities’ attention. With our dedicated team of 100+ Ray White Concierge specialists, Concierge in coordination with our appointed agent can deliver a layered community communication program including telephone calls, SMS and email, ensuring that the most influential people are alerted early to the sale of your property. 16