Ray White Now New Zealand 29.6.2020 Version 6 - 29 June 2020 - Page 15

So how do we create the most competition for your property? 1. Marketing exposure Most innovative auction business in New Zealand Our enviable position comes from an unwavering commitment to marketing and auctions - whether that be safely on-site or in-room. Ray White listed 1,506 properties during May, with a sales rate of 85.7%. In June, Ray White was the highest lister of property across New Zealand. Last week, Ray White New Zealand had a 57.4% auction day clearance rate, that was up 8.37% on the previous year. Our national team of auctioneers quickly adapted to our new auction process, using our unique technology that was created by our team of in-house experts. Tender and Exclusive Listing Our approach to tender and exclusive is aligned with our marketing methods of creating competitive situations between buyers to create the best outcomes for our vendor clients. We have never lost faith in the value we can bring our vendors in a challenging market through effective marketing. If you choose to sell, we will be suggesting an investment in marketing, as we believe it enables us to maximise competition and clearly illustrate your intent to sell and therefore attract genuine buyers. We appreciate that some people would prefer to sell quietly, or off-market, and while this is not a normal recommendation we welcome discussion on all opportunities to take your property to the market. 15