Ray White Now New Zealand 19.10.2020 Version 22 - 19 October 2020 - Page 21

Ray White offices across Christchurch have celebrated yet another stellar week of under the hammer sales ( pictured above ) as the auction property market remained red-hot for sellers . Six properties under the hammer and one selling prior – for a combined total value of $ 3,522,000 .
• Database marketing is an essential element to ensure that your agent can market your property to all buyers who have previously contacted their agency . Online property marketing portals - oneroof . co . nz , realestate . co . nz and trademe . co . nz / property dominate the online property space and you should consider being on both platforms .
• Social media - ask your agent to post across their business and office accounts .
• Paid social media - Be Seen is a targeted Facebook marketing tactic that has been developed for Ray White which allows for a cost-effective way of targeting buyers currently in the real estate cycle .
• DLs and letterbox drops are designed to capture your local buyer or a neighbour who may know someone who is looking to purchase in the area .
• Professional photography , floor plan and videos are a must in 2020 . Genuine buyers will start their emotional connection to a property from their first impressions .
• Possibly use a PR strategy as you can ’ t put a price on the power of this media coverage for your sale . So effective is this publicity in generating buyer interest . It ’ s so credible .
• Print media - advertising in your local paper is still a great way to get in front of your local community . Your buyer is probably already living in your neighbourhood and actively in buying-mode by looking at the paper .