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• Our ability to create competition has been our uniqueness .
So how can you be confident that you have achieved the very best price for your property ?
• Creating competition is the best way to achieve exceptional results for your property .
It ’ s true that we are seeing more buyers active in the marketplace . This is reflected in our online traffic , our online enquiries , our bidder registrations , and the number of pre-approvals we are seeing . The major portals like oneroof . co . nz , realestate . co . nz and trademe . co . nz / property are also seeing a significant increase in their buyer traffic . So , with all these buyers looking to purchase property , shouldn ’ t it be easier to find these buyers and sell a property without having to invest in a substantial marketing campaign ? While this may seem like a logical approach , almost all our seller clients have an ambition to achieve not just any price but a premium price for their property when it sells . And so they should . Any real estate agent can sell a property for a price , however , to ensure that the premium price is achieved for your property we must exhaust every avenue to find the buyer who will pay more than any other buyer in the marketplace . From experience , there is a considerable difference between what the premium buyer will pay and what the next best buyer will pay for any property . In some cases , the difference can amount up to hundreds of thousands of dollars . When considering this , the investment in a complete marketing campaign can have a huge return on investment with the eventual sale price of your property .

Short answer is yes , Ray White is a marketing machine at its very essence . We don ’ t build houses , we market them .

The reality is for most property sales , we can ’ t guarantee where the premium buyers will come from or where they will be searching for their property purchase . With this being the case , it ’ s essential that you cover all bases to ensure you are putting your property in front of all potential buyers . Short answer is yes , Ray White is a marketing machine at its very essence . We don ’ t build houses , we market them . We know it works . We are essentially playing a contact sport and need to get in contact with as many buyers as we can quickly to secure you a sale at the best possible price . Creating competition is our end game . Our agent ’ s ability to create competition for your property is what will ultimately drive the premium price . As listing numbers rise , so too does competition and marketing matters as it can elevate your property above others .
Each of our sales and marketing professionals will tailor a marketing campaign to suit your property . There are a wide variety of platforms available for you to ensure every buyer has a chance of seeing your property , they include :
• Signboards - your 24 hour a day sales agent . Designed to capture the attention of locals who may be considering their next purchase or may know someone who is looking to buy into the area .