Ray White Now 2022 - May New Zealand - Page 21

experience enables us to understand that a catalyst for creating competition is leveraging the local community . Our data shows that up to 60 per cent of property purchasers come from neighbours and their friends in some cases .
Ray White Concierge can communicate to property owners in surrounding streets , positioning your property to ensure it is at the centre of our communities ’ attention . Our dedicated team of 100 + Ray White Concierge specialists , in coordination with our appointed agent , can deliver a layered community communication program including telephone calls , SMS and email , ensuring that the most influential people are alerted early to the sale of your property .
As Australasia ’ s largest real estate group , we are supported by a dedicated and highly experienced team of newshounds in our PR team who work seven days a week . The team excels at winning “ earned media ”, the exposure that money cannot buy ; it must be earned .
Our media exposure dominates all other brands in terms of publicity - which is the sweet spot . Our profile in newspaper advertising and editorials , along with a large number of listings on oneroof . co . nz , realestate . co . nz and trademe . co . nz / property - is also huge .
To put a price on the power of our media coverage , in April , Ray White New Zealand achieved more than $ 2,128,512 worth of earned media mentions in print , online , radio and TV , according to iSentia , our media intelligence agency , with a potential reach of 9,885,578 people , approximately twice the population of New Zealand . That ’ s free publicity for the group and all its members .
Our experienced in-house journalists can get your property the exposure that money can ’ t buy .
When a home is listed with Ray White , our clients are introduced to the national public relations service ; a team that ’ s plugged into the New Zealand media and has the sole focus of achieving more exposure for the properties we sell to the audience that matters most .
In times of uncertainty , property sellers need facts , not media speculation , to create informed decisions . Whether that be a decision to list your property on the market or be in touch with real-time market conditions . The reliance on data and proof points has never been more important for good decision making .
As the most successful real estate group in Australasia , we have access to the largest pool of up to date information available and have the experience to help you analyse relevant data to help you make the right decision .