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Rathbun Lake and it ’ s 11,000 acres of water feature numerous species of fish . Crappie are among the Lake ’ s most population .

These fish are most vulnerable in the spring . Crappie become shore-bound by late April and fishing becomes hot and heavy by May . Spring fishing methods differ from summer because the crappie are spawning near shore among submerged brush and rocks . If conditions are right , one might try quietly easing up to the brush and presenting a minnow directly among the limbs . This method usually works when all else fails . Jigs may also be fished with white or chartreuse twister grubs .
Summer crappie fishing will mean new techniques . Crappie move offshore after spawning and suspend . However , they still must feed and are susceptible to hook and line . They are present in deeper bays and in the main lake near underwater structure , such as flat areas near drop-offs , along deep shorelines , and points .
Crappie can be caught throughout the lake ; however , there are several areas that are better than most . The number of fish harvested will depend upon wind conditions , depth occupied by the crappie , and water clarity . Start searching where all of the above conditions will be at their best . A few examples of good crappie fishing areas include the face of the dam , points and bays of Honey and Buck Creek , and the timber areas of Crappie Cove and Bridgeview .
Walleye fishing is in its prime from the first part of June until the end of July . Trolling artificial lures is one of the more productive methods to fish walleye . Artificial favorites include bomber baits , crank baits ( either deep or shallow runners ). Colors that seem to turn the walleye on include crappie colors — silver background with black spots or stripes , crawdad colors , chartreuse and lures with orange or red on them . Trolling or drifting worm harnesses is another good fishing method on Rathbun Lake . One other trick is to drift jigs or spoons and bounce them on the bot-
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