Rathbun Lake Visitor's Guide 2022 | Page 3

Phillip H . Brown

Welcome one and all to Rathbun Lake !

Greetings , and welcome to all of our Rathbun Lake visitors !
On behalf of the U . S . Army Corps of Engineers , I want to welcome you to Rathbun Lake .
In 2022 you will notice our continued commitment towards improving the quality of your visit . We hope you can find time during your visit to take a hike or bike ride on the ~ 8-mile North Shore Trail , visit the Off-Road Vehicle Park , paddle your kayak on the designated water trail , bird watch , hunt or fish on approximately 34,000 acres of land and water .
I would also like to take this opportunity to recognize some very important folks that help us make Rathbun Lake such a great place to visit . Our ability to maintain numerous parks or amenities around the lake is far too challenging to do on our own anymore ; it takes the commitment of many volunteers , State and local organizations , which are all very much appreciated .
In closing , we ask that you are patient and courteous to your fellow recreationalist at the boat ramp , in the field or on a trail . And most importantly , always use good judgment and common sense while recreating on or around the lake . We encourage everyone , yes everyone , regardless of age , to always wear their PFD ( Personal Flotation Device ) while boating on the lake .
We always enjoy hearing from you . So please let us know ‘ how we are doing ’ with a call or an email .
On behalf of the U . S . Army Corps of Engineers staff at Rathbun Lake , we wish you all a safe and enjoyable year .
Sincerely ,
Phillip H . Brown
Operations Project Manager U . S . Army Corps of Engineers Rathbun Lake
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