Rathbun Lake Visitor's Guide 2022 | Page 26


Appanoose County is home to a free to use , public archery range thanks to the work of the U . S . Army Corps of Engineers Natural Resources staff and volunteers .

Pin Oak Archery Range was started in July of 2015 and completed by October . Natural Resources specialist Tyler Stewart brought up the idea of an archery range as he thought it would be an excellent opportunity to provide another outdoor recreational activity for the public to use .
Stewart said the project would have been impossible to bring to life without the help of the Corps of Engineers for maintenance , the Natural Resources staff and members of the volunteer program . One volunteer and his wife spent about 300 hours constructing the tower for the range . Several sponsors also offered discounts on construction materials .
Sponsors include Lockridge , Centerville Iron and Metal , Stampede Graphics , Crazy Metal Art and archerytargets . com . “ It definitely helped out tremendously ,” said Stewart . The range is located on Highway J29 just past the offices of the Rathbun Regional Water Association and just before the junction with Highway J5T .
“ We were able to utilize the concrete foundation from an old building site when the dam was constructed ,” said Stewart . “ By utilizing it as a foundation for the platform and for the range it was an additional cost savings for the public .”
Pin Oak Archery Range is open from dawn till dusk year-round . Rules of use are posted on the platform . It is an unmanned , self-run , public use area .
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