RAMzine Issue 2 - Apr. 2015 - Page 4

R By Pagan Hel onnie James Dio was born Ronald Sabbath departure and made headway with wonderful man blessed with heaps of talent! James Padavona on July 10th 1942 - his ‘Dio’ project in 1982 (no doubting who The name Dio, means ‘God’ in Italian and and died tragically of stomach cancer was in charge) and there on from 1991–1993. I personally feel this title is suited to a man on May 16th, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. Dio was never a trained with so much importance Ronnie was an American/Italian Heavy Metal vocalist but attributed in the Rock Music Industry! vocalist and songwriter, who fronted Rain- his powerful voice to the ONE OF THE FIRST He decided to change his bow and Black Sabbath as well as fronting breathing discipline he name back in 1961 going his own band called simply Dio. had acquired as a trum- METAL ARTISTS TO USE from the obscure name Dio started his career back in 1958 and it pet player. Renamed RonTHE FAMOUS ‘HORNS’ of Padovana, which didn’t spans over 40 glorious years. He was born in nie and the Red Caps, the quite have the same apPortsmouth, New Hampshire and raised in group released a single peal and took the name Cortland, near Syracuse in New York. Dio gra- called ‘Lover’ in 1958. He listened to a great Dio from a gangster/Mafia member named duated from Cortland High School in 1960. deal of opera while growing up, hence his Johnny Dio. He went on to do Pharmacology but never powerful and versatile vocals which allowed Dio was one of the first metal artists to use graduated after only studying for a year and him to sing all out rock anthems as well as the famous ‘horns’ hand gesture that is still once again rubbed shoulders with music lighter ballads. in use today by many rock and metal fans all when he joined the University’s concert Dio and his first wife, Loretta Berardi adopted over the world. He said he learned it from his band. a son, novelist Dan Padavona. After divorcing Italian grandmother who apparently used it Ronnie didn’t always do vocals either! –