RAMzine Issue 2 - Apr. 2015 - Page 3

Contents Featured WELCOME A A few years ago at Download Festival, I was watching Iron Maiden play their headline set. I was slightly disappointed as they played exactly the same set as I had seen at the 02 Arena few months before (although I hear with the end of that massive world tour, brings the end to the same set) - Anyway, I was talking to some people in the crowd who had never seen Iron Maiden before, which I felt strange as they seemed to have headlined a UK festival nearly every year. It occurred to me that there are new fans out there, fans that are still discovering many of these great artists. All these artists that lead us along the path to the current UK music scene. Fans are still disscovering Iron Maiden and many bands from the 70s/80s/90s and beyond every day. On the flip side to this when you go to a festival, you disscover so many great new bands. The internet has changed the industry, and there is just so much out there, so many genres, so much choice. Showcasing the new and celebrating the old, that has been RAMzines mission statement from when we first started as a Rock and Metal website. Showcasing and Celebrating a range of bands across the rather large spectrum that is Rock and Metal. In this issue we celebrate the great Dio, as this May marks the 5 year anniversary of his death. The man that influenced many, and will never be forgotten. In a hope that some people many learn something new, or simply celebrate with us. Excitingly you can now purchase physical copies of RAMzine for just £3 including delivery to any UK address! www.RAMzine.co.uk/shop. Victoria Purcell, Editor In Chief 04 Celebrating Dio One of the first to use those famouse Metal Horns, we take a look over Dio’s life. 06 Hammerfest Review From pirate rockers Red Rum, to Doom legends Candlemass, and Swidish legends Kamelot. We had a great time at Hammerfest 2015! 08 AOR Festival Review H.E.A.T, Dare, and the mightly Night Ranger. 09 Prog Festival Review The Skys, Rick Wakeman, Collibus. Interview 12 Kamelot We catch up with Tommy Karevik, to talk about Kamelot’s forthcoming album ‘Haven’. 12 Night Ranger We talk to Jack Blades of Night Ranger about partying, and the fun he has on Rock and Metl crusie ships. 13 Peacemaker, Die! Formed from the ashes of Blackbyrd, Peacemaker, Die! are about to start again with ‘Chapter One’. Reviews 10 Album Reviews On the cover: Dio Illustration by Gerardo Israel Rodela Quiroz. http://gerky-art.deviantart.com -Ape Machine - Live at Freak Valley -Holy Serpent- Holy Serpent -Whisky Dick - Welcome To Yeehaw Country -Turbowolf - Two Hands -Gravyard Johnnys - Dead Transmission -Conduit- Life On Repaet -Cardinal Bay- Way Back Home -Prolong The Agony - All We Are -Beyond Dishonour - Generations -Entropy O.A.C. - Dark Clouds and Clarity -Nightrage - The Puritan -Agonistic Front - The American Dream Died -The Real McKenzies - Rats in the Burlap -The Dirty Youth - Gold Dust Contributors ADAM HEMMINGS ANDREW DOWLING REG RICHARDSON SAM ROHDE STEVE JACKSON STEPHEN STANFORD STUART IVERSEN Ásta Björg Hansen (Proof Reader) Cover by Ryan Stanikk www.ryanstanikk.co.uk Pagan Hel Celebrating Dio Neil Mach HRH AOR Festival Review Christ James Ryan HRH Prog Review & Festival Photos. Neale McGeever Sub-Editor 3