RAMzine Issue 2 - Apr. 2015 - Page 11

P eacemaker, DIE! formed from the ashes of Blackbyrd. The band are restarting, with a new EP ‘Chapter One’. The EP will be out 14th April through Believe Digital. We caught up with Phil Lye (Vocals) about the new project. The band explains “This EP comes from experience. We are all individuals with various backgrounds, so there was always something exciting going to happen when we sat down to write the record. This is the result of just that.” Tell us how the band came together? Myself (Phil, vocals), Kerry (Bass) and Leigh (Drums) have been in various bands together for years so there was a solid base already there. Darran was a friend of the band and after some encounters at various gigs, we just ended up in a room together having a jam. It sounded and felt great so we carried on going. As Leigh said you all come from various backgrounds, what are they? We are all Valleys boys so the background is already a shared one there. Musically, Darran achieved huge success with Funeral For A Friend, headlining festivals and playing with the worlds biggest bands. You then have myself, Kerry and Leigh who enjoyed a little bit of underground success with Dead Against The Rest. We toured constantly, garnered some festival slots and got some really good reviews. Each member knows and understands their instrument and that’s what makes us click. With such a wide range of influences and passions, there is so much thrown into the mixing bowl and the outcome is Peacemaker, DIE! Whats thrown in the bowl? Power, melody that builds big songs with anthemic choruses. As for the sound, guess its something along the lines of classic rock but with a modern edge. What’s the story behind the band name? We were originally called Blackbyrd, but due to the amount of other bands that shared the name, we decided on a change. One of the hardest things to do is to choose a band name. We had loads of ideas floating about but nothing that really stuck out. One day, Darran muttered Peacemaker Die and we all agreed in unison. It wasn’t intentionally taken from the Extreme song of the same name but also partly due to the Peacemaker Colt handgun which was made famous by Wyatt Earp. Finch and a lot of late 80’s death metal and myself, I like Bad Religion and 5FDP among others. As musicians, have you found it necessary to change styles over time? I don’t think we’ve found it necessary to change styles but I suppose we have over time. It’s almost been like a natural progression Whether it’s been down to a new influence that’s been heard, or whether it’s playing with a different musician, you sometimes adapt and change without realising this. How do you see the future of the rock music industry? I think that it’s going to be a case of having to create more and more of your own opportunities to get yourself heard as it drifts more and more towards the digital side of the industry. It’s a more online business now rather than the good old fashioned record stores. On the one hand, it makes getting your music heard very accessible to be able to build a fan base but on the other, it makes your music from a monetary angle fairly worthless. What do you think makes people say Rock Music is Dead? I think it’s because you don’t see so much of it in the charts like you used to. There’s also more and more venues closing and less people going out to watch local bands, especially if they’re playing original stuff. Plus you see a lot of bands these days calling it quits because they just can’t afford to run it anymore. What does the future hold for Peacemaker, DIE!? We just want to enjoy ourselves, write some great music , have a shitload of fun along the way and hopefully some good opportunities will come our way in the process. We’d just like to ask everyone to go and check our online social media and website, give our tunes a listen and show us some love! Where can people find Peacemaker, Die this summer? We have some local shows coming up: -May 15th @ The Scene, Swansea -June 19th @ The Dolls House, Abertillery -July 18th @ Shield Fest, Swansea -Aug 30th @ Megaday, Caerphilly. Since going to press P