RAMzine Issue 1 - Feb. 2015 - Page 9

All Hail The Yeti We did the Sunset Strip Music Festival a couple of years in a row and ones with Motely Crue which were pretty cool! We also played some day festivals when we were out with In This Moment, but we haven’t really tapped into that area yet, obviously we want to and it’s definitely on our radar! For me as a fan, I grew up going to Ozzfest, back in the late 90s. That was pretty cool to see that before it stopped. The Mayhem Festival which is a travelling one in the states is another great one, it’s one of them festivals were you go and you end up knowing so many people, you never end up watching any bands anyway. It’s great hanging out, having a party, sitting on the lawn and watching bands. Download, Wackken, Rock Am Ring, all of those we would love to see, do and play. 36 Crazyfists -Connor Garritty 36 Crazyfists All Hail The Yeti ! *Try and get an access all areas pass! *Rock and Metal has alw ays been about community, if you see som eone fall you pick them up. *Avoid getting in the mud, as once your in it your screwed, unless it rain s. 36 Crazyfi s Festival Tipsts ! *Bring and wear sunsc reen! *Keep hydra of water! ted and drink lots Download is hallowed grounds, it’s the number one festival that comes to my mind, because it’s got some special memories, probably the most special times of our lives, we played the main stage twice, with our heroes. There are so many great bands that play those things. We played there 4 times... A close runner up is Soundwave Festival in Australia. That thing is ridiculous, it’s in the summertime, but summer time over there is like 85/89 degrees. All the bands stay at the same hotels, you’re in the pool, it’s very rock and roll,. (Like summer break for bands?) Yeah it’s fantastic, and everyone flys over together, the flight from LA to Sydney, is usually a jet full of bands raging! The Qemists As a punter, I think Glastonbury is our biggest stand out festival experience, we all went as teenagers consecutively for years, I think the fact you could go and watch such a variety of music in one place was mind blowing at the time. As for being a performer it has to be Woodstock in Poland. It’s the biggest free music festival in the world. We headlined on the opening night in 2012 to over quarter of a million people!! That was an insane experience. Read the full interview on www.RAMzine.co.uk now! -Brock 1