RAMzine Issue 1 - Feb. 2015 - Page 3

Contents UK Festivals 2015 WELCOME W elcome to the first ever issue of RAMzine! The step of moving from a website, to include a digital magazine, is a milestone that I am very excited about! This time of year I suffer from ‘the festival blues’ it’s common amongst a lot of us music fans who crave not just the need to see bands live, but to be in that environment, that exciting atmosphere. For many a festival provides a community of likeminded people, coming together to celebrate something that they are passionate about, and for us that’s Rock and Metal music. A festival provides a sense of belonging, it can take you out of your normal life for a few days. At Rock and Metal festivals individualism is celebrated, anything goes really. If you wake up and feel like wearing fancy dress that day, you can, and you will most likely be praised for it. Festivals are places where you can have beer for breakfast, and giant Yorkshire puddings for lunch. People are constantly yelling for someone called Dave and he never seems to be found. We embrace the sunshine, and oh do we embrace the mud. For me, festivals are something that I can’t live without. I’m addicted to the exciting atmosphere, the array of new and old bands on display, and the lifestyle. I sometimes dream of owning a camper van, and traveling to as many as possible. In this issue we hope to give you a snapshot of some of the different UK Rock and Metal Festivals this summer. The cover is just one combination of headliners that your year in festivals could look like. Naturally more festivals will pop up throughout the year, email me at vicky@ramzine.co.uk, and we shall add it to our website. Victoria Purcell, Editor In Chief 04 Festival Listings There is a lot happening this year, our listings give you a chance to have a chronological view, and make your festival plan. 05 Festival Previews -Takedown Festival -HRH United: Hammerfest + HRH AOR -HRH Prog -Download Festival -Bloodstock -Ramblin’ Man Fair 08 Festival Tips We give you our tips and tricks to help you feel like a pro at festivals this year. We also talk to The Qemists, and All Hail The Yeti who give you some great tips. 10 People on Vacation Incase you weren’t sure what you shouldn’t be doing at festivals this year. Jaret Reddick Interview 12 36 Crazyfists We catch up with Brock Lindow, about the bands forthcoming album ‘Time and Trauma’. We also discuss the bands stance on paid meet and greets, and kickstarter projects. See our review of ‘Time and Trauma on page 13. Reviews 14 Album Reviews On the cover: Left Rob Zombie (Bloodstock Festival 2015). Centre Corey Taylor (Download Festival 2015) photo by Matt Bishop of www.TheRockRevival.com. Right Thomas Youngblood of Kamelot (Hammerefest 2015). -Venom - From The Very Depths -All That Reamins - The Order Of Things -Blackberry Smoke - Holding All The Roses -Billy Talent - Hits -People on Vacation - The Chronicles Of Tim Powers -Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz -Hayseed Dixie - Hair Down To My Grass -Bowling For Soup - Songs That People Actually Liked -Black Star Riders - The Killer Instinct Contributors CHRIS JAMES RYAN (FAN PHOTOS) STEPHEN STANFORD ANDREW DOWLING STEVE JACKSON SEAN RAFFERTY NEIL MACH STUART IVERSEN Cover by Ryan Stanikk www.ryanstanikk.co.uk Paul H Birch Black Star Riders Review Milly Youngman RAMzine’s Festival Tips & Tricks, What to Pack. Neale McGeever Sub-Editor 3