Raising the Bar Issue 8 - Page 4

Be clear about who you are
Conveying your company identity ranks highly among Trainers .
This means clearly explaining who you are and what you stand for , including your organisational values and reputation . When crafting a job ad , it ’ s worth taking the time to think about : What is your brand reputation ? This will encompass factors such as staff behaviour , social media presence , and management structure , as well as engagement with and perceptions among the local community .
Seek out opportunities such as a FITREC Team Page where you can promote your staff and the benefits of working in your facility . This Page enables you to include testimonials , images , videos , and other relevant information to attract like-minded candidates to your opportunities .
Demonstrate a supportive environment
You need to be mindful that many Trainers are feeling a bit cautious applying for PT jobs , so your ads may need to emphasise the recognised value of the job they do . Your ad should also clearly convey that support is provided in abundance .
Trainers are also attracted to roles that include a commitment to ongoing professional development ; with opportunities delivered by an external source ( i . e ., not internal workshops ) being most highly regarded .
Remember , by showing pride in your existing team , you ’ ll attract other like-minded trainers . Candidates need to feel like your workplace offers a good culture-fit for them , which may include training styles , client types , team culture and camaraderie , and the overall vibe of the place .


If you ’ re always hiring …
This could work against you if applicants don ’ t understand why they ’ re constantly seeing job opportunities within your business . The key is to ensure your ads clearly clarify that you operate with an “ always hiring ” mentality ; meaning , you ’ ll always find space for great talent !