Railway School Journal Volume 2 - Page 8

American Corner

American Corner is a cultural centre sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade, established in order to promote intercultural exchange and friendship between Serbia and the United States. It is located in the building of Belgrade Youth Centre, near Republic Square.

Members of the English Club decided to visit the American Corner and find out more about the opportunities and programmes of this institution.

American Corner is a kind of public library. There are a lot of books about American history, fiction, comedies, comics and the latest works of popular American literature.

What we like most about American Corner is that we can go there at anytime during weekdays. The place is very quiet and therefore convenient for reading and studying. There is free Wi-Fi, which is very good if you need to do some research online or check your emails. We were very happy to hear that there were conversation classes once a week, but also math classes for students who needed help while preparing for tests or exams.