Railway School Journal Volume 2 - Page 14

Heroes of the Modern Age

Jovan Simić

Jovan Simić is a student from Belgrade with an unusual “hobby”. Although he is unemployed, Jovan helps people, particularly children, who are in trouble. This young man raised the awareness of all citizens of Serbia when he decided to sell what he loved most in order to help someone he didn’t even know. Then nine-year-old girl Nađa Novaković suffered from a rare form of leukemia, a lethal one. There was a cure, but the treatment cost 300 000 euros, which was the amount of money her parents could not afford.

Jovan Simić had some shirts of famous athletes, which he had been collecting for years. He decided to give up his collection, so as to help the little girl. He organized an auction, where other people were also selling valuable items from their collections. Moreover, a lot of people called Jovan and sent him money to help Nađa. Enough money was collected and Nađa went to Germany. Unfortunately, the transplantation did not succeed.

But Jovan did not give up.

He organized another auction and Nađa got another chance. And? This time the transplantation was successful and Nađa came home cured. Jovan visited her and her family when they arrived from Germany. He kneeled in front of her smile. Like we all could.

Dunja Živanović, class II/1-2