Railway School Journal Volume 2 | Page 3

English Club

English Club has been established with the aim of encouraging students to learn more about English language and culture and to improve their language skills. Members of the club can choose to participate in a variety of activities: creating presentations, short films and other multimedia materials in English, national and international competitions and projects and preparing programs about English history, language, culture and customs. Students also have a chance to visit foreign cultural centres and other institutions throughout Belgrade and take part in in their activities.

The club publishes an online magazine, titled The Railway School Journal, which is created in a Web 2.0 tool Joomag.

English Club has fifteen members of all four grades. The meetings are held once a week, while communication with the mentor is also done via e-mail. There are also plans for using Moodle and Edmodo for various projects, as well as E-twinning for online collaboration with students from other countries.

Nemanja Stevanović, class 4/1-2

Vocational Training

Within the cooperation agreement with the Serbian Railways JSC, students of the Railway Technical School students have the opportunity to have vocational training in the company premises. Company staff help the students in gaining practical skills required for their future jobs.

The school reporter interviewed teacher Snežana Knežević, who shared her view of this kind of student training: “Any formal education consists of theoretical knowledge and practical application of theory. Therefore, it is important for the students of the Railway Technical School to gain theoretical knowledge about the railway system, but also to experience it in real situations. They need to improve skills needed for their professions and to develop attitudes that would be very helpful from the moment they find a job in the field of railway traffic and transport.”

Luka Bujagić, class 4/3-1

The Railway Technical School