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WELCOME to our rail holidays for individuals

IT IS WITH great pleasure that I launch this collection of rail holidays for individuals to destinations throughout Europe . We include our traditional destinations of France , Spain and Italy , along with Switzerland . Added to this popular core are now the central European countries of Germany , Austria , Czech Republic , Hungary , Poland and Slovenia . New for 2021 is Norway with Sweden and Denmark also possible on a grand rail tour of Scandinavia .
What is extra special about our rail holidays is the flexible travel arrangements we offer . Trains are involved at the heart of each of the holidays featured in this selection , but , depending on the location of the tour , we offer you flights and / or train travel to the start and from the end of the tour . Some holidays are possible either by rail all the day , or flying one or both ways and then taking trains in between . The holidays themselves also offer great variety , with a mixture of touring holidays staying in numerous places , single-centre holidays where you travel to one destination by train , and holidays including journeys on luxury trains such as the Venice Simplon- Orient-Express of Al Andalus in southern Spain , as well as scenic , iconic trains such as the Glacier Express and the Bernina Express .
Flexibility is offered too with the choice of departure date ( there are no set dates - you choose and we arrange ) and with a choice of accommodation . There is often a choice of 4 star or 5 star in resorts and also up-grades with room types . Finally , on board the trains , we offer you the choice of first class or standard class and this can be mixed according to the journey .
Do call to discuss and talk about your plans . We look forward to arranging your next rail holiday .
Marcelle Hoff Founder and Joint Managing Director
To celebrate this collection of rail holidays for individuals to destinations throughout Europe , from France to Hungary and from Spain to Norway , here are some very special offers for you to apply to one of our rail holidays .
There is no booking deadline for these offers .
NORWAY 7 nights or more , any holiday , £ 100 per person
SWITZERLAND 10 nights or more , £ 150 per person
FRANCE 8 nights or more , £ 100 per person
CENTRAL EUROPE 10 nights or more , £ 120 per person
ITALY 8 nights or more , £ 100 per person
2 To speak to our specialist rail holidays team telephone 01392 441250 or see www . expressionsholidays . co . uk