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Personal Dosimetry


Personal Dosimetry Service ( PDS ), the largest UK-based dosimetry service , is based in Chilton in Oxfordshire , and is part of the Radiation , Chemical and Environmental Hazards ( RCEH ) Directorate of the UK Health Security Agency ( UKHSA ). Amongst its functions RCEHD carries out research to advance knowledge about protection from the risks of radiation and provides laboratory and technical services such as PDS , which plays its part in protecting the health of radiation workers from the effects of ionising radiation .
PDS offers a range of HSE-approved dosemeters to measure doses to the whole body , extremity , and eye from photon , neutron and radon exposure over a range of wear periods to suit working practices . PDS also offers a comprehensive range of services that augment our dosemeters , including Dose Record Keeping , Emergency Reads , Radiation Passbooks and Special Entries . We also have the facility to provide a Dose Record Keeping service where the dosemeters have not been provided by us .
For further details , please contact PDS Customer Services : 01235 825420 or customerservices @ phe . gov . uk
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On 1 October 2021 , Public Health England ( PHE ) was replaced by the UK Health Security Agency ( UKHSA ) and Office for Health Improvement and Disparities , with PHE ' s radiation functions transferred to UKHSA . UKHSA is an executive agency , sponsored by the Department of Health and Social Care .
There are no changes to the remit of providing radiation protection expert advice to the Devolved Administrations under UKHSA so UKHSA will continue to provide such advice to Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland .
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