Radiation Protection Today Winter 2021 - Page 4

Letters to The Editor

“ We were delighted at the response to our Launch Issue and some of the correspondence received is shown here . I and the rest of the Editorial Team value your feedback .” Trevor Jones , Editor
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Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the new ‘ Radiation Protection Today ’ magazine - great content and excellently presented . Jess Heaps
Well done to all involved with the new magazine . I was particularly pleased to see the items educating non-specialists with radiological concepts , as well as some excellent articles . Paul Leonard
I like the new magazine – an interesting complement to the Journal . Many thanks to all who have prepared it . Neil McColl
Just read through the ‘ Radiation Protection Today ’ magazine . I think it ' s a really good idea and well-pitched to engage with busy professionals . Please pass on my thanks to those involved with developing it . Top work ! Chris Mogg
SRP President Jim Thurston at the SRP Annual Conference in July 2021 where the magazine generated a lot of interest .
Congratulations on a very readable and interesting Launch Issue . I look forward to reading future issues . Wendy Bines OBE
Congratulations to the Editor and the editorial team . The publication is excellent in design and it contains a rich source of interesting articles covering a wide spectrum of topics and useful practical information on radiation protection . Kin Yin Cheung
The new magazine is a great achievement ! Congratulations to everyone involved . The layout is great , the content is varied and well written . Brian Gornall
Great first issue , which I enjoyed reading . Well done . Highlights were probably the lessons learnt articles by Sheila Liddle and Maureen McQueen . I was pleased to see that you covered nuclear data .... not many realise just how fundamental this is and unfortunately the data is getting older and suffers from a lack of qualified reviewers . I ' m sure that you could do something on other specialised subjects such as epidemiology , radiography , internal dosimetry , emergency planning ... the list just goes on . David Simister
Congratulations to the editorial team on an extremely impressive new SRP Publication ! You have managed to compile such a lot of interesting material , and with such a pleasant presentation . This first issue will be a hard act to follow , and I do hope that you don ' t despair – if the next issue is half as good , it will still be very much worth the effort . Jack Valentin
I would like to congratulate the team on a high quality format and interesting content . Geoff Webb
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