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Changes to the RPA certification scheme

The last four months of 2021 saw the RPA2000 Board rewriting and updating the RPA certification scheme and the general suite of supporting documents , to bring these in line with the HSE statement on RPAs . The documents were written , approved by the HSE and posted on the website in time for the transition date of 1st January 2022 . Following this achievement , the HSE formally confirmed its continued recognition of RPA2000 as a Radiation Protection Adviser ( RPA ) Assessing Body . Two virtual RPA assessor update meetings to discuss the changes to the RPA applications took place in March and April 2022 . expiry date before 1st July 2022 may contact RPA2000 directly to ask for an extension . It is already possible to request extensions for various reasons , such as career breaks of any sort , on an individual basis .
To summarise the changes , all applications for the RPA scheme need to be submitted utilising the new templates , and will be assessed under the new arrangements , with a closer link to IRR17 for the Detailed Understanding areas . Those who have an
Gaining Your First Certificate The Rising Generations Group is currently organising an RPA portfolio event to help you gain your first certificate for recognition as an RWA / RPA / MPE . This is planned to take place in Summer 2023 and details about the event will be released in the coming months .
The last ' RGG : Putting together your first portfolio ' event was held last year online due to COVID-19 . This still worked well with the use of break out rooms on Microsoft Teams .
Held in 2018 , the last face-to-face event was in Birmingham where we ' re hoping to return next year . The use of cabaret style for these events means that presentations are able to happen and discussions on separate tables can take place later with assessors .
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