Radiation Protection Today - Spring 2022 - Page 27

Tackling the Skills Gap

Dr Pete Bryant was President of SRP 2019-21 . He is Head of Environment , Decommissioning and Radiation Safety , SZC ( EDF Energy ).
Back at SRP ' s 2021 Annual Conference last July , I launched our new framework highlighting three core objectives that need to be met to resolve the ongoing skills gap in radiation protection .
This included :
• Objective # 1 – Encourage students to study science , technology , engineering or mathematics ( STEM ) subjects through school and further education / vocational training
Radiation Protection Today Summer 2022
• Objective # 2 – Encourage students and non-RP professionals into RP or its allied fields as a profession
• Objective # 3 – Professional development of those working in the RP field throughout their career and retention within the field
SRP already has a wealth of existing initiatives being undertaken to meet these objectives , and through this and future issues of the magazine will be highlighting a number of these areas , to raise awareness but also encourage discussions on what we as a Society and professionals could do better ! The topic covered in this issue ( see overleaf ) is Professional Registration . You can also read more about our new framework and other initiatives at the Open Access Article here https :// iopscience . iop . org / article / 10.1088 / 1361-6498 / abf815