RacquetTech Issue 2 - 2017 April 5, 2017 - Page 8

8 New Products HESACORE PALLET SYSTEM The HESACORE Pallet System was designed to offer more friction with your hand on the grip. This gives you more spin and power. It is very comfortable as with more surface contact on the grip, the grip cannot slip and allows you to relax you muscles. With the relaxed muscles you get more racket head speed giving you more power and spin. Basically, the idea is that the joints of your fingers fit into the indentations on the grip. With a nor- mal grip your joints push against the flat bevels. We have had senior players who had pain in their joints from playing many years with all the pressure on a few points. We had to cut holes in the polyurethane to relieve the pressure. Gianluca Geremia gave a presentation at the 2017 ERSA Symposium and our members were able to test the grips during the last 2 days of the Symposium oncourt. The grips are not for everyone. A couple of members found their grip did not fit on the handle. When it does fit, it is very comfortable giving you a relaxed swing. There are already some international players from Italy using this pal- let system. The pallets need to be applied to the handle by a highly qualified racket technician. Head and Volkl rackets can be easily changed as they have a pallet system. Others need the polyurethane foam handle to be removed. The pallets can be adjusted slightly depending on the player and their grip. thermoplastic pallet thermoplastic pallet aluminium badge www.hesacore.com